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Chat GPT? In a word: Meh...

Don't believe the hype.  AI is great technology - and maybe even a little frightening in some applications, let's be honest.   What I don't question about AI, and using Chat GPT as the dialed-in example, is that it will never be able to fully and completely take over from humans where the written word is concerned. Yep, it can parse together bullets and context from a million sites on the Internet in a matter of minutes.  It can even put together a coherent paper or essay, maybe even a blog.  But there is a point at which the humanity of writing, of understanding nuance of a topic, of being able to craft a position such that the audience fully understands your expertise and confluence of ideas that AI cannot replicate. This is a great article I found that says exactly that.  Give it a read and see if you agree with me. 
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Happy New Year - Get Off Your Butt

Holy moly…how is the New Year just about on top of us?! The older I get, the more amazed I am each year at how time is disappearing before my eyes. My child was JUST laying on the sofa, a baby who couldn't move on his own, couldn't feed himself, couldn't even speak. Today, he's a 6'3", 18-year-old man, and in a couple of weeks, he'll be starting his second semester at UNC-Chapel Hill. I could have sworn several blinks ago, I was just 25. Today, I'm 46. As the New Year approaches, don't let that same feeling strike you where your business is concerned. I recently wrote a blog post for one of my clients, and I focused on a message of 'doing today what will bring you clients tomorrow'. The clock is going to turn and the ball is going to drop, and your business will continue to need both prospects and clients. Copywriters exist to remove part of that burden you face every day around reaching your market, ensuring your message or co

I do NOT want to write this...

As the [insert absolutely ANYTHING in this space other than copywriter] at/for your company, I can imagine that the last thing you want to do is come up with, research, and write content pieces to help you sell products or market your company. You have more important things to do, right? You are consumed with budgets and AP and inventory and making sure Janet isn't embezzling (okay, that's harsh…but we all know it's a good idea to keep our eyes on Janet). And, besides, you're not a writer. Maybe you're the owner/salesperson/advertiser/warehouse manager, or the VP of Marketing, or you're the Head of Sales and you're more consumed with selling enough to keep the doors open. Again, you're not a writer, which is where somebody like me comes in. Copywriters exist to make sure you can eloquently and effectively communicate with your audience. You can turn to us to craft a white paper which helps translate why a complex service you sell will help the

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

Who has the time to scroll through pages and pages of a blog post, seemingly never reaching the end of the post? "Why am I still reading this?" you might have even asked yourself whilst you trudged through a post, the subject or point of which you can't even remember now. LOL! Right? Am I lying? Of course not. And it's almost comical - well, it would be were it not so often also very maddening. Most people read blogs to be entertained, maybe to learn a little nugget of information to tuck into their back pocket for a dinner party or a water cooler conversation. No one bases their senior thesis on what they researched from a blog post. (Unless you actually did base your thesis on blog posts, and then...I guess I have to walk that back.) If somebody can't make their point in a blog post in 700 words or less, they're wasting your time and they're energy. So, with this post, I'm going to challenge myself to do exactly that: win you over